Key to Maps

Holding the mouse pointer over a map feature will display a tooltip that tells you about the feature. If the feature is linked to another page, the mouse pointer will turn into a hand when you move it over the feature.

  • Heavy lines are fireroads
  • Thin lines are singletracks
  • Medium-width lines are doubletracks or intermediate width trails
  • Blue lines are multiuse and open to bikes, hikers and horses
  • Red lines are closed to bikes
  • Yellow lines are closed to bikes and horses
  • Dark grey lines are paved roads
  • Light grey lines, solid or dashed, are underlying features on the topo map and probably don't exist, at least not where shown
  • The Backbone Trail is indicated by a light pink dot pattern on top of the trail line
  • Trails closed to the public are purple with orange dots
  • A dotted brown line represents an unofficial or unsanctioned trail

Only the blue, red, yellow, dotted brown and dark grey lines have been mapped with a GPS and are accurately positioned on the map.


This page last updated on February 22, 2017


Thanks for looking at Steve's guide to trails in Ventura County, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) and other locations.