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The Kanan-Zuma Backbone Area, including Trancas Canyon

Two riders coming up the Backbone Trail between  Latigo Canyon Rd and the Saddle.

All the trails in this area provide some great rides for intermediate to advanced riders. There is a real diversity of conditions, but all of it it is challenging. The almost 9 miles of Backbone singletrack between Zuma Ridge and Corral Canyon descends into and climbs out of 4 canyons, while the Zuma Ridge Motorway provides some spectacular views of the Malibu coast and a great workout. For a climbing challenge, nothing compares to the Zuma Canyon Edison Rd, part of the Upper Zuma Loop ride, with over 6000 feet of climbing in about 18 miles.

Directions: There are several major parking areas that give direct access to the trails.


Map Key

Backbone Singletrack

Backbone (Decker to Zuma Ridge)

Zuma Ridge Mtwy

Zuma Canyon Edison Rd

Dume Cyn Mtwy

Ramera-Newton Mtw

Edison Rd


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Parking on Encinal Rd Parking on Kanan Dume Rd,
just north of the closest tunnel to the ocean Parking on Newton Motorway
at Latigo Canyon Rd "The Saddle" Parking at the north end
of Corral Canyon Rd Parking at the north end of Busch Dr
in Malibu Backbone singletrack and Clark Ranch fireroad Edison Rd (AKA Trancas Canyon Trail) Zuma Canyon Edison Rd Zuma Ridge Motorway Backbone singletrack between
Zuma Ridge and Kanan Rd Backbone singletrack between
Kanan and the Saddle Backbone singletrack between
the Saddle and Corral Canyon Rd Kanan-Dume Rd Kanan Rd and Dume Canyon Motorway Newton Motorway Castro Motorway Bulldog in Malibu Creek State Park Crags Road in Malibu Creek State Park