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The Reseda Backbone Area, Including Sullivan Canyon, Eagle Rock and Rogers Road in Topanga State Park

Sullivan Canyon in the autumn.

From the south end of Reseda Boulevard there is access to a number of trails, including the two prettiest rides in the Santa Monica Mountains: Sullivan Canyon and Rogers Road where you overlook downtown Sanata Monica, and when the air is clear, downtown LA. This is a good area for beginners because of the number of fire roads that are wide and generally not very steep. For more experience riders, the Rogers Road single track is a little steeper with some rocky, loose and or rutted sections.

Directions: There are several major parking areas that give direct access to the trails.

Map Key

Caballero Canyon Trl

Dirt Mullholland

Temescal Ridge Trl

Rogers Road

Eagle Rock Loop

Sullivan Ridge

W Mandeville Fire Road (Westridge)

Sullivan Canyon



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