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Rocky Peak Area
in Simi Valley
including the Las Llajas, Chumash
and Hummingbird Trails




Trail Descriptions (map key)

Rocky Peak Fire Road

Chumash Single Track

Hummingbird Single Track

Las Llajas Canyon Rd

Fire Road and Street Connectors


Suggested Rides




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Gate Trailhead on Evening Sky Dr Trailhead at the north end of Flanagan Dr Trailhead on the off-ramp to Santa Susana Pass Rd Las Llajas Canyon Rd Las Llajas Canyon Rd Oil Well Rd Rocky Peak Fireroad Rocky Peak Fireroad Rocky Peak Fireroad Hummingbird Trail Chumnash Trail Evening Sky Drive Evening Sky Drive Connecting Fireroad Kuehner Drive East Los Angeles Avenue Santa Susana County Park Santa Susana Pass Rd San Fernando Valley Simi Valley