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Trailheads and Parking

The bike path runs parallel to Hwy 33 for much of it's length, sometimes right beside it, so there are many places to get on it. Listed here are some of the major locations.

T1 - The trail starts in Ventura at the west end of Rex Street, a couple of blocks north of Main St and just east of the 33 freeway. There is parking on Main Street  nearby, or in the paved lot 100 yards west of the 33 underpass on the south side.

T2 - There is parking in Foster Park on the west side where the 33 freeway ends, but there's a fee for parking here. Instead, park under the freeway on Casitas Vista Rd. When northbound on the 33, take the N Ventura Ave exit (immediately before the freeway ends), turn right, and then right again almost immediately onto Casitas Vista. To get to Foster Park, continue another few hundred yards and turn right into the park.

T3 - The east end of the paved section of Sulphur Mountain Rd, about a block in from Hwy 33. This is a good place to park when going up Sulphur Mountain Rd.

T4 - The paved bike path ends at Bryant St in Ojai.

[1] Ventura to Ojai Bike Path

Description This is suitable for all riders - beginners who are looking for an easy route to practice, and old hands who just want a relaxing ride where they can enjoy the scenery. The path is built on an old railway line which explains its very gentle slope.

It starts in Ventura close to the intersection of the 101 and 33 freeways. The first few miles is along a somewhat industrial area which belies its railway heritage. About 5.5 miles in you come to Foster Park on the west. This is a good place to stop for a break (there are bathrooms here) and collect up the stragglers. A couple of miles further north, several hundred yards past Mobile Lane (where the path is right next to Hwy 33) and a couple hundred yards after the path pulls away from the road, there is a dirt trail on the right that gives access to Sulphur Mtn Rd on the other side of the 33 so it's easy to combine a ride on the bike path with a ride up to the top of Sulphur Mtn Rd. Futher up, the bike path crosses to the other side of the street where Hwys 33 and 150 diverge. From there it's only a few blocks to the end, crossing the neighborhood streets every block. At Bryant St, turn left to get to the center of town, or turn right and look for a bridal path on the left, about a half block down, that comes out on Shady Lane, from which you can access Hwy 150. Turn left to go back towards the center of Ojai, or right to go towards Gridley Rd.

Download the GPS track  to help you find your way.

The profile below starts at the parking lot almost under the 33 on the south side of Main St in Ventura and ends at Hwy 150 in Ojai, 2 blocks west of Gridley Rd.

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